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Pewag 7/16" Security Chain Kits - Viro Padlocks

Pewag 7/16" Security Chain Kits - Viro Padlocks
What Kind Of Chain Is This?
This is Pewag's newest security chain, and it has the same finish as Pewag's original 3/8" security chain yet it's the same size as Pewag's popular 3012 chain. It features square, case-hardened links that cannot be cut with bolt cutters. Additionally, the square link shape does not allow bolt cutters to get a proper bite, which prevents them from cutting the chain. This chain simply requires tremendous effort to cut and is a great theft deterrent. It has an electro-galvanized finish for corrosion protection, and a surface hardness of 62 HRC Min.

What About The Lock?
This is Pewag's newest Viro padlock, which was hand picked to work with their 7/16" security chain--it's a true, high-security padlock, not something from the local hardware store. Its beefy design will certainly be a deterrent to any potential thief--it weighs just over 2 lbs. You may not want to put it in your pocket, but you'll be happy to secure your precious equipment with it. The lock body is made from a combination of brass and hardened steel that not only looks good, but also holds up well to the elements. Supplied with two Viro Top Security profile nickel-plated brass keys. We know you will be impressed!

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