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Junkin Lightweight Wire Basket StretcherImage shown may be a stock photo and is for reference only.
Junkin Lightweight Wire Basket Stretcher

Junkin Lightweight Wire Basket Stretcher

Item #:JUN-JSA-300-A
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  • Nylon web straps at chest, abdomen, thigh, and calf. Plastic rack through back of trunk section and a strap adjusted foot rest. Frame is 5/8" steel tubing; cross braces and runners 3/16" x 3/4" flat steel. Basket is 18 gauge, 1" hexagon mesh netting.

    DIMENSIONS: 82" L; 8-1/2" H | WIDTHS: CHEST: 24-1/2"; ABDOMEN 24"; THIGH 23-1/2"; CALF 23"

    CARTON SIZE: 83" X 24" X 9"


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    Because of the size and shape of this stretcher, UPS charges significant dimensional weight fees that make shipping very expensive and impractical. You will get the best rate by buying in bulk on this item, as we can ship several stretchers on one pallet, whereas UPS charges for each stretcher as a separate package. If using UPS is important to you (e.g., you cannot handle a freight truck shipment), then please contact so we can process your order offline.

    If you have concerns about shipping fees, or if you wish to ship collect on your own account, please feel free to contact us and we will help you get the best shipping rate possible.

    To better understand and to learn more about dimensional weight and how it applies, please click here.
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