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CM Alloy Swivel Rigging Hooks

CM Alloy Swivel Rigging Hooks
These rigging hooks have a very popular frame style and are made from forged alloy steel. The eye on top swivels (not under load) which makes them very useful for positioning prior to lifting the load. They use built-in distortion indicators, so you can easily tell if the hook has been bent, twisted or otherwise deformed. The load rating is clearly marked on the hook body. Heat treated, Quenched and Tempered with a safety factor of 5:1. Heavy-duty spring latch is included.

MPNWLL (tons)WLL (lbs)Overall WidthReach (B-B)Inside EyeThroat OpeningApprox. Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
M3502A12,2003.06"4.63"1.25"W x 1.11"L0.93"1.05
M3503A1-1/23,3003.33"5.44"1.50"W x 1.38"L0.97"1.5
M3504A24,4003.67"6.25"1.75"W x 1.65"L1.06"2.5
M3505A36,6004.20"6.49"1.75"W x 1.65"L1.16"3.2
M3507A511,0005.11"7.53"2.00"W x 1.77"L1.41"5.36
M3509A715,4006.24"9.67"2.75"W x 2.39"L1.69"10.56
M3511A1124,2007.89"12.06"3.25"W x 2.55"L2.22"19
M3515A1533,0008.37"11.95"3.50'W x 2.47"L2.23"26.75
M3522A2248,40010.19"16.68"4.75"W x 3.82"L3.05"51.8
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