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Crosby HR-125M Metric Swivel Hoist Rings

Crosby HR-125M Metric Swivel Hoist Rings
The HR-125M (metric) series of hoist rings is one of the most popular that Crosby makes, and there are several sizes and capacities to choose from. All components are made from alloy steel. You achieve a 100% rating when lifting at a 90º angle. Each ring is load-rated and fatigue rated. Also, each ring is 100% individually proof-tested to 2-1/2 times the Working Load Limit. You will also find a Product Identification Code (PIC) for material traceability. When you need to lift at an angle, you will find useful the 360º swivel and 180º pivot action. Finally, the hoist rings are finished with zinc plating for corrosion protection.

MPNSizeFrame SizeWLL (kg)Overall WidthInside LengthThreadBail SizeApprox. Weight (kg)PriceQuantity
1016602M8140047.5 mm28.2 mm16.70 mm8.5 mm0.17
1016613M10145047.5 mm26.2 mm16.70 mm8.5 mm0.18
1016624M1221,05085.1 mm58.9 mm16.90 mm17.5 mm1.05
1016635M1621,90085.1 mm54.9 mm26.90 mm17.5 mm1.11
1016644M2022,15085.1 mm50.9 mm31.90 mm17.5 mm1.17
1016657M2033,000124 mm74.4 mm27.80 mm25.4 mm3.09
1016668M2434,200124 mm70.4 mm32.80 mm25.4 mm3.21
1016679M3047,000157 mm101 mm61.70 mm30.5 mm6.53
1016690M36511,000215 mm145 mm60.30 mm44.5 mm16.8
1016701M42512,500215 mm139 mm70.30 mm44.5 mm17.4
1016712M48513,500215 mm133 mm70.30 mm44.5 mm18
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