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Rigging Rope

We offer both dynamic and static rigging ropes (dynamic rigging ropes should not be used for climbing). Dynamic rigging ropes tolerate shock loads well, which often occur with tree / limb removal and aggressive winching. For this type of scenario, we recommend a quality rope like Double Esterlon. It has a tough outer jacket and is made from premium polyester fibers, which means it will take quite a bit of abuse (we do not recommend abusing your rope).

For slings, guyline applications and other static loads, there's nothing better than Ultrex. It's made from 100% UHMWPE fiber with a Maxijacket coating. Size-for-size, it's stronger than steel cable and often a better choice (be careful, it's a fiber and it can be cut / damaged if mishandled). Our customers typically use it as a winch line, a lifting strap, or any other application where the loading is controlled. Keep in mind that Ultrex has very little stretch and floats on water, making it great for marine environments. If Ultrex is more than you need in terms of strength and price, then be sure to check out Yalex by Yale Cordage. It's a two-end-per-carrier single braid rope made from high-tenacity polyester. It's very easy to splice and repair, and it's great hoisting and Whoopie Slings.

We've also added some new ropes recently, such as Pelican Matador Bull Rope and Samson 5/8" Stable Braid (stocked in easy-to-order hanks with pre-spliced eyes).