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Gloves for Loggers
Since we got our start as a logging supply company, we've always been serious about offering our logging customers high-quality gloves that perform well in the woods. We're not interested in just offering cotton chore gloves--instead, we offer only the best. White Ox Gloves truly are the standard by which other "logger" gloves are measured. While they aren't the cheapest, they do perform the best and many loyal customers would attest to that. They are receiving some challenge, however, from a new glove called the Loggers Special. You will find it very familiar in terms of design, as it's much like the White Ox glove. As an imported product, however, the price is lower which is helping it to gain in popularity.

Gloves for Industry & Construction
As a full rigging and safety supply company, we also offer gloves for other industrial professionals. You will certainly recognize the Original Mechanix Wear Gloves. It's a tried and true design and simply one of the most popular gloves on the market. Similar to this glove is the Red Steer Ironskin which is a "hybrid" glove that is inexpensive and wears very well. We have used them in our shops and in the field with great results. And for cold weather, there is no glove more popular than the Red Steer Chilly Grip Gloves (now offered in various colors and designs, see below).

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