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19x7 Spin-Resistant Wire Rope

19x7 Spin-Resistant Wire Rope
A spinning load is a dangerous load! Often times you will need a crane line that helps to mitigate rotational forces that can send your load spinning out of control. A 19x7 crane line can make a great choice under these circumstances. It is made by laying six strands around a core, with twelve additional strands laid on top in the opposite direction. These two strand layers oppose each other and help reduce (total prevention of line torque is not really possible) the amount of twist imposed on the load. Considered a Class 2 spin-resistant wire rope, 19x7 offers better spin-resistance than 8-strand products (8x19 or 8x25). Use it as a single-part hoist rope, and know that because of its construction, it can be easily damaged if not installed or used properly. Do not use it with a line swivel!

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