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Skidding Chokers

Skidding Chokers
Skidding Chokers feature a nub on each end with a micro-midget choker hook in the middle. These are slightly less popular than Cat Chokers, yet are still sold to many farmers, ranchers and property owners for land clearing.

Wire Rope SizeConstructionLength (ft)Choker WLL (lbs)Weight (lbs)QuantityPrice
3/8"6x19 Class82,2003.5
3/8"6x19 Class102,2004
3/8"6x19 Class122,2004.6
3/8"6x19 Class152,2005.4
3/8"6x19 Class202,2006.7
1/2"6x19 Class83,8005.9
1/2"6x19 Class103,8006.8
1/2"6x19 Class123,8007.75
1/2"6x19 Class153,8009.1
1/2"6x19 Class203,80011.4

Logging Chokers

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