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AMH 1-3/4 Ton x 15 ft X5 Lever Chain Hoist

AMH 1-3/4 Ton x 15 ft X5 Lever Chain Hoist
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Product Description

Meet the latest and greatest hoist from the people at AMH--the new X5 series! Legacy product patents have expired allowing the best technologies to be available from others. When the best designs are re-tooled the opportunity exists to apply improvements utilizing new materials and processes that can improve function and cost. AMH takes pride in bringing quality products to market with the best features and price. Their new X5 Series lever chain hoists are an examples of this effort. These hoists are functionally interchangeable with Harrington (made by Kito Japan) or the CM Bandit brand, with some additional features. And importantly, final assembly and load test are performed in the USA, and each hoist is serialized with certification.

Overload Protection Available
You can now order these hoists with overload protection for a nominal fee. Overload protection means that once the hoist has exceeded maximum lift capacity, a one directional clutch is engaged that will only slip in the lift direction--the load can only be lowered at this point. This safety feature is becoming more and more common to help users avoid the dangerous conditions encountered when lifting products are used beyond their intended capacity.

  • Brake sets and operates without minimum preload
  • 100% inspection of hooks per ASME B30 and easy hook replacement is permitted by bolted hook blocks
  • All steel body for durable strength in a smaller size
  • Powder coat and plated external parts to resist corrosion
  • Laser etched stainless steel nameplates with required OSHA /ASME B30 warnings, model and stamped serial number
  • Long life fused brake friction disc cannot crack, shatter or absorb moisture
  • Grade 100 zinc plated load chain made in Japan or EU
  • Open chain guard allows visual inspection and does not trap contamination
  • Optional Overload Protection via one directional clutch that will only slip in the lift direction
  • Ambient Temperature range: -40º to +140ºF (-40º to +60ºC)
  • Meets: OSHA, ASME B30.21 and ASME HST-3; in addition the ultimate strength is 5 times Work Load Limit (WLL) meeting structural requirements of ASME HST-3 Appendix A, for use in marine and other applications as specified by US Department of Defense DOD
  • APEX rating: ATEX certified II 3GD c IIB 60ºC X for limited use in Hazardous Environments
  • Final assembly and load test in the USA from imported components; supplied with certificate by serial number

    * These hoists are rated 1-1/2 - 1-3/4 Ton. The reason for this is the frame size of this hoist satisfies what is commonly considered a 1-1/2 Ton unit, but the actual capacity is a full 1-3/4 Ton.


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