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Top Brands Only!
Mechanical ascenders are popular with professional arborists using rope techniques and recreational climbers as well. And on this page, you'll find all the names that you trust. Petzl, CMI and Kong are all represented here! We have standard handled ascenders for use with SRT (single rope technique) systems, including the Petzl Ascension Left and the Petzl Ascension Right. For those using a dual rope system, we offer the Kong Trender Twin Ascender or the CMI Expedition Twin Ascender, which is uniquely designed to allow one-handed use on a DdRT system.

Use a True Climbing Rope
Ascenders use cams, and cams are hard on rope, so it's best to use a high-quality climbing rope that is made to withstand the abuse that mechanical devices dole out. Popular choices from Yale Cordage include Blaze 11mm and XTC Imori 12mm, both by Yale Cordage. We also have a popular, economical option from Pelican Rope, their 7/16" Yellow & Black Climbing Rope.

Flipline Adjusters vs. Ascenders
We also stock a number of Mechanical Flipline Adjusters that can also be used for ascending. For non-arborist customers, such devices look a lot like common ascenders, but the type we offer for use with fliplines are bolted and specifically intended for arborist use.