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Descenders, such as 8 Rings, are staples of rope climbing systems whether for recreational or arborist use. They work via friction generated between their aluminum bodies and the climbing line, allowing the climber to control the rate of descent. We offer them in the various styles shown below. For more advanced, technical climbers, we have mechanical descenders such as the Petzl Rig (for up to 7/16" rope) or the Petzl I'D L (for up to 1/2" rope).

Without a doubt, the most popular new descender we have is the Petzl Zig-Zag. If functions as a mechanical prusik, allowing very smooth operation in the tree with fingertip control determining your rate of descent. It's now available on a positioning lanyard too! Check out the new Zillon Adjustable Lanyard (available in multiple lengths).

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