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Fliplines & Kits

A Great Selection of Steel Core Fliplines
We sell a lot of steel core fliplines, whether it's the flipline by itself or sold in a kit--it's worth noting that all kits are discounted. We offer top brands like USR, Yale Cordage and even the new Petzl Microflips. Whether you want a small or thick diameter, long or short length, we have you covered. Find an option that is affordable, or take this opportunity to upgrade your gear and get the best! The choice is truly yours.

Use the filters at left
to narrow down the flipline selection by size (diameter), length, brand and price! If you're not sure where to start, it might help to know that 5/8" x 10ft is the most common size and length we sell. BUT, it may not be the right size for you. When in doubt, go longer--length is critical, while the size/diameter is more of a preference.

USR Fliplines--Affordable & Popular
USR fliplines feature a tightly-braided cover that is bright orange and extremely visible (urethane coating provides color and protection). They come standard with a swivel snap hook that has a breaking strength well above 5,000 lbs. They are made right here in the U.S.A. in an ISO 9001 facility, so the quality is guaranteed.

Yale Cordage Premium Maxi-Flip Fliplines
Yale's Maxi-Flip fliplines features a "Free Flex" flemish eye splice. This method is more labor-intensive, but it is superior because it's much more flexible and yields longer service life than traditional crimped fliplines. They are built using beefy 7/32" cable, stainless steel thimbles and swiveling snap hooks. The finished product has a Breaking Strength of 5,600 lbs. Available in both standard and "sport" models that are lightweight and feature a premium aluminum snap hook.