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Fliplines & Adjusters

Fliplines & Kits
If you're in the market for a new flipline, or a complete flipline kit with a mechanical adjuster and carabiner, we have you covered. We offer the best, most popular brands on the market like USR, Yale Cordage and Petzl. For those on a budget, the USR brand is proven quality at an affordable price. They've been making their fliplines for many years and we've had no issues with them. One step up would be the Yale Cordage fliplines in their various Maxi-Flip models. Their fliplines feature a spliced cable eye, rather than a swaged eye. This results in a "Free Flex" movement for the cable, meaning it's not bending and pinching due to the swage sleeve, and should result in longer service life.

Adjusters & Other Gear
Maybe you already have a flipline, but you really just a new adjuster, shackle or prusik. Well, we have those too. Check out the links below for great brands like ISC, Gibbs, Climb Right, CMI, Yale Cordage, Samson and others. Our goal is to give you enough options to always find what you need, but not overwhelm you with gear just for the sake of claiming "the biggest selection on the Internet". Customer feedback has told us that less really can be more, and we think we've narrowed down the field nicely with quality options and affordable prices. Additionally, we offer a complete lineup of Fall Protection Gear, so if you're looking for a Soft Lanyard to use in the bucket, or in some other application, we have those linked below as well.