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Plates, Swivels & Rings

We stock a nice selection of rigging plates, swivels and rings to help you complete your climbing / rigging set up. We sell a lot of rings, and most of our customers are either making their own friction saver, or using the rings on their climbing saddle bridges (the Weaver Cougar saddle and the Petzl Sequoia & Sequoia SRT use such rings). We also have a new, heavy-duty 1/2" Forged Steel Ring with a beefy 150 kN Breaking Strength that makes it great for climbing, and especially rigging! For even bigger rings, check out the Master Rings & Links section under Rigging Hardware. And our sewn loop runners are popular with all kinds of users, from arborists to tower climbers and technicians. They are surprisingly strong 6,500 lbs breaking strength, yet they are super light. We offer three popular lengths that are color-coded.