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Folding Saws

Folding saws are popular not just with our professional arborist customers, but with many of our outdoor-inclined, hands-on and recreationally-biased customers too! They may look cute and compact, but make no mistake, the blades on these saws are extremely sharp and ready for action. Because they fold and stow away easily, they are great for a variety of applications. Use it while in the tree, and keep it in a hip holster while you climb. Or, keep it in your backpack the next time you set out for a hike. And if you often find yourself cruising back roads, keep it in your glove compartment for quick and easy accessibility.

The Pocketboy is our most popular, truly compact model. We offer it in two sizes: 5.1" w/ Medium Teeth and 6.1" w/ Large Teeth. But if you really want to stand out from your coworkers and/or friends, then you've gotta get your hands on a new 19.7" Katanaboy! It's definitely large and in charge, and with a fully rubberized grip, it gives you a comfortable command of the saw while cutting. If you haven't seen one in person, then feel free to take our word for it...this thing is AWESOME!

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