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Throw Weights & Line

Throw lines and weights are used to install your rope into the tree from the ground. At Westech Rigging Supply, we have plenty of options for you to choose from, with both lightweight and heavy bags, as well as economical or high-end throw line. We also have the storage and deployment bags you need to keep your throw line protected and tangle-free.

Popular Items
The most popular throw line we sell is All Gear's Jet Set, which is a pure Dyneema product. It is strong and lightweight, and comes in a bright orange color that is easy to recognize. For throw weights, we sell more Weaver bags than any other, largely because they are both economical, thoroughly tested and available in three different sizes. For those looking for a good deal, check out one of our kits, such as the Forester Throw Weight Kit. It features a throw bag (choose from three weights) along with 150 ft of Forester's economy throw line and a pint-sized storage bag, all for one low price.

Big Shot Line Launcher
If you have a tall tree and need some serious trajectory, you have to check out the Big Shot line launcher. It works like a heavy-duty sling shot connected to common fiberglass pruner poles. This setup gives you the height you need to really bear down and get a big launch. The head may also be purchased separately.

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