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Tree Slings

Dead-eye Slings
A more traditional sling used for tying off Port-A-Wraps or for hanging Rigging Blocks in trees. Made from Pelican's Matador Bull Rope, a premium double braid rigging line made from polyester and nylon right here in the U.S.A. Choose from three popular rope diameters. All eyes are buffered with a chafe sleeve while the other end is cut clean then sealed.

Whoopie Slings
Whoopie slings are used as a low stretch anchor point for arborists and as a lifting tool for contractors. Ours are made from Husky-12, a single braid, 12-strand double carrier rope constructed from 100% premium polyester. They feature a ballistic nylon buffer sleeve in the eye, and on the sling body (position is moveable) for enhanced resistance to abrasion.

Loopie Slings
They function much like a whoopie sling, as they allow for knotless rigging and quick adjustments. They are stronger, however, because they are used in a basket configuration. When properly loaded you're loading against two part of line instead of just one. They are also quicker to set compared to more traditional dead-eye sling

X-Rigging Rings & Slings
A combination of the latest rigging innovation and high-strength sling construction. A variety of ring-in-sling configurations have been developed in conjunction with X-Ring pioneer, David Driver, the X-Man. X-Rigging Rings are simple in concept, yet brilliant in function. The rings are made with milled aluminum, hard-coat anodized, and then polished–making them strong, durable and low friction. The uses for rigging applications are many. Redirect, fair lead, speedline, you name it. Through the use of strategically placed X-Rigging rings, riggers aloft can devise rigging systems that work with the tree’s natural strength and structure. Rope and rope angles can be managed in and around the tree, in and out of blocks and other rigging points. Weak points can be strengthened or avoided. Loads can be placed in compression on the tree, and trees can be removed safely and effectively.