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Arborist Blocks

You've come to the right place if you're looking for a good rigging block for tree work. We offer top brands like CMI, ISC and Kong. We find the most common size of bull rope our customers use is 5/8" (the rest generally use 1/2" or 3/4"). In this size, one block really stands out as a great value, and that's the CMI RP145 Steel Block. It's beefy, tough and priced great, with a strong 25,000 lbs Breaking Strength.

What About Bigger Blocks?
When it comes to rigging, bigger often is better. If you're using a 3/4" rigging line, we recommend checking out the ISC RP057 Yellow Spring Block. Despite its large size, this block isn't terribly heavy thanks to its aluminum design. But if you're really getting into the big stuff, and you have a 1" Rigging Line, or perhaps a 1" dead-eye sling, then you should use the CMI RP146 Rigging Block. This block looks cool, but it also has a build quality that feels special. It also has a very impressive 68,000 lbs Breaking Strength, so go ahead and use it on your toughest tree removal job!

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