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Crosby 406 Champion Tail Board Snatch Blocks

Crosby 406 Champion Tail Board Snatch Blocks
This version of the Crosby Champion series is a step up from Crosby's "Light" Champion blocks. They are beefier all around and have higher Working Load Limits comparatively. This tail board model ships with no hook or shackle, and it's a durable block and a good starting point if you have your own means of attachment. Many of our customers look for this kind of block when they have their own shackle or hook, or an engineered application. It's made from forged steel. Available in three different sheave sizes, all grooved for 3/4" - 7/8" wire rope. Choose between bronze bushings or roller bearings. Each block is fatigue rated and RFID equipped prior to shipment.

MPNWire Rope SizeSheave SizeWLL (tons)WLL (lbs)Approx. Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
1679733/4" - 7/8"6"1226,40024
1679823/4" - 7/8"6"1226,40024
1679913/4" - 7/8"8"1226,40030
1680083/4" - 7/8"8"1226,40030
1031863/4" - 7/8"10"1226,40042
1032023/4" - 7/8"10"1226,40042
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