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Logging Blocks

More than Just Snatch Blocks
A lot of companies sell snatch blocks, and so do we. They're an invaluable part of many rigging set ups. But these are more than just snatch blocks. Logging blocks are purpose built, designed for us in specific logging applications. They are, generally speaking, tougher and stronger and built with features that benefit loggers.

Skookum, Ropemaster & Young
When it comes to high-quality logging blocks, there are really only two names in the business. Ulven, located in Oregon, is the parent company that presides over the Skookum and Ropemaster brands. They have been forging the best blocks in the business for years. Also popular are the 69 series of haulback blocks from Young Corporation.

The most popular rigging block below is the Skookum R-6. It has a beefy Working Load Limit (WLL) of 16,000 lbs, or 8 tons. It also has a wide throat design of 2-1/2" that allows shackles, eyes and other rigging to pass through unobstructed. The Skookum R-8 is essentially a bigger 8" version of the same block.

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