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Not all pulleys are created equal or even for the same application. In fact, pulleys come in many shapes and sizes, all of which serve a specific purpose. Whether you need a micro pulley or a more standard size pulley, or even a large frame pulley for heavy rigging, we have you covered. You should recognize the brands on this page as being some of the best on the market, including CMI, Petzl, ISC and USR.

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to find the exact pulley you need! You can filter results to show just single, double or triple sheave pulleys, as well as mechanical advantage rigs. You can also sort by rope or cable size, frame size, sheave size, brand and price.

For micro pulleys, the CMI RP110 is a hands down best-seller! It's extremely light, strong and made in the U.S.A. For medium size pulleys, check out both the CMI RP102 and the ISC RP032 Eiger Pulley. While they are not identical in size, both are considered medium in frame size and very popular. If you want a large, heavy-duty pulley then it's hard to beat the beefy CMI RP123NFPA Stainless Steel Pulley. It has a 20,000 lbs Minimum Breaking Strength and accepts up to 5/8" rope.

Mechanical Advantage = Easier Work
To gain a mechanical advantage and make for easier rigging and hauling, check out either the USR Deluxe Fiddle Block Set or the ISC Double Progress Capture Pulley. While they are really two different setups, both work well and have certain advantages. The ISC pulley will be used primarily for climbing and rescue work whereas the USR block and tackle system is preferred for general rigging. Both models will work with whatever length of rope you desire. If you specifically want to browse mechanical advantage systems for rescue operations, check out our page for Controlled Descent & Self Rescue Gear.