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Wide Selection of Trolleys
We sell a lot of trolleys, almost always for use in zip line systems. There are different types and sizes, some with aluminum sideplates and some with steel sideplates. How heavy-duty of a trolley you need depends on its eventual use. If you're shopping on a budget, then our most popular unit is the AMP Fusion Tesa GT Dual Bearing Trolley. It travels at high speeds, it's compact and it won't break the bank. For a little more money--and a lot more fun--check out the AMP Fusion Z-Max Hyper Speed Handle Bar Trolley, which is equipped with handle bars and excels at high speeds. For an extra measure of safety, check out the CMI Zip Line Trolley Lanyard. It allows for two points of connection to the trolley to help keep riders extra safe.

More Than Just Trolleys
Because we are a full rigging shop, we sell all the other hardware you need to build a zip line. This includes cable, clamps, turnbuckles, shackles and more. Check out the links below.

Zip Line Gear: Galvanized Cable | Forged Wire Rope Clips | Thimbles | Turnbuckles | Shackles | Cable Pulling Grips