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Gunnebo GrabiQ 5/16" CG-8-10 Grade 100 Master Link - 5700 lbs WLL - #B14731

Gunnebo GrabiQ 5/16" CG-8-10 Grade 100 Master Link - 5700 lbs WLL - #B14731
SKU: GN-B14731MPN: B14731
  • USUALLY SHIPS: 3 - 5 Days
  • This product is rated for overhead lifting.
  • Made in Sweden
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Product Description

A New & Better Way to Build Chain Slings
GrabiQ is an exciting new family of alloy chain sling components. Chain slings used to be built with many components, each one doing a separate job. That made chain slings heavy, bulky and expensive. With GrabiQ, a single component can perform up to three separate functions. For example, a C-Grab link may be used to build a and adjustable single leg chain slings, using only 2 "top-of-the-sling" components. Compare this to an "old style" system, which uses 4 separate components! You can also pair these fittings with a C-Grab Dual (CGD) fitting to make a very sleek and clean 3-leg chain sling.

Fewer Components Means Less Weight
Most of the time, GrabiQ slings will be lighter than traditional chain slings because fewer components are used. And because GrabiQ fittings are made from Grade 100 alloy steel, they have a lifting capacity that is usually 25% higher than Grade 80 chain slings.

Easier Inspections
To properly inspect a chain sling, you must inspect each component. That takes a lot of time, which leads to many users skipping the inspection process altogether. Because GrabiQ slings use fewer components, chain sling inspections are easier to perform, meaning they are more likely to be done on a regular basis (as legally required).

  • Made from Grade 100 alloy steel
  • A unique top-of-the-sling fitting, allows attachment of chain leg to master link, with incorporated shortening hook that can also be used to create chain baskets
  • Shortening hook is 100% efficient--no extra grab hooks or shortening clutches needed to adjust length of sling legs
  • Designed for use on single leg chain slings, or pair with a CGD fitting to create a 3-leg chain sling
  • Less bulk means less weight, less moving parts and typically a lower cost than a similar conventional chain sling
  • Heat number identification allows full product traceability

* These links are meant to be used with Gunnebo's MF, MFX or MFH master links, which have an engineered flat. The "Throat Opening" specification shown for each link refers to the pinned opening toward the top of the link, which slides over the engineered flat on a properly selected master link.


Chain Diameter
Grade 100 Alloy Steel
WLL (lbs)
Safety Factor
Reach (B-B)
Throat Opening
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