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Simpson Chainsaw Powered Capstan Winch - 2500 lbs Max Pull

Simpson Chainsaw Powered Capstan Winch - 2500 lbs Max PullSimpson Chainsaw Powered Capstan Winch - 2500 lbs Max PullSimpson Chainsaw Powered Capstan Winch - 2500 lbs Max PullSimpson Chainsaw Powered Capstan Winch - 2500 lbs Max PullSimpson Chainsaw Powered Capstan Winch - 2500 lbs Max PullSimpson Chainsaw Powered Capstan Winch - 2500 lbs Max PullSimpson Chainsaw Powered Capstan Winch - 2500 lbs Max PullSimpson Chainsaw Powered Capstan Winch - 2500 lbs Max Pull


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Product Description

You're looking at one of the most popular items we sell! This winch is special because the rotating capstan is what gives you the pulling power, and you're length of pull is limited only by your length of rope. We have many customers that pull full 600 ft reels of 3/8" rope, or even further. Operation is simple and easy, and all you need to power this unit is your own chainsaw (3.5 cubic inches or smaller). Retrieving your downed game from the bottom of a canyon isn't as tough as it used to be. Getting un-stuck in your ATV, snowmobile or even your pick up truck can be easier than ever before. There's even a story of a 1T pick up truck, loaded with wood, that was stuck in mud up to the axles. This truck was pulled out, in a straight line pull, using one of the earlier Simpson winch models that has less power than this one.

We also offer a cool accessory kit in case you want to increase your pulling power, or change pull direction, etc. The kit is economical and is a nice addition to any capstan winch user.

Whether you buy just the winch, just the kit, or a combination of the two, we know you'll be happy. Customer feedback is tremendous on these. We even have one hunting guide that has purchased multiple units, and he always has an impressed group of hunters once they see the unit in action. If you have hunters or outdoorsmen in your family, then you can certainly consider these winches a great gift, especially headed into the fall and winter months.

  • The Simpson brand is perhaps the best-known capstan winch in the world today
  • Extremely portable, no vehicle battery required for use, carry by hand or in a backpack, vehicle or boat…great for hunters and woodsmen
  • Powered by your small chainsaw (less than 3.5 cubic inches, must have a 3/8" drive sprocket)
  • Heat-treated 4-stage spur gears
  • No limit to how far you can pull because the drum simply passes the pulling line and does not store it
  • Use with a soft, strong rope, no need for steel cable (we recommend 3/8" Polyester Double Braid Rope, sold separately)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Pulls a maximum of 2,500 lbs @ 22 ft / min

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7"H x 8"L x 5"W (plus size of saw)
Rope Size
5/16" - 3/8"
Weight (lbs)
9 (plus saw)

Questions & Answers

8 Questions & 8 Answers
from Missoula, MT asked:
December 24, 2019
Will this winch work with mule tape?
1 Answer
While not explicitly approved by the mfg. in writing, we have had many customers tell us they use mule tape with their capstan, no matter the brand.
Submitted by: WRS on December 28, 2019

from Rawlins, WY asked:
November 19, 2019
How would this work with a battery powered chainsaw?
1 Answer
It is not recommended for use with a battery powered chainsaw.
Submitted by: WRS on November 26, 2019

from Shiprock, NM asked:
April 6, 2019

What would be the best chainsaw for the winch?

1 Answer
The CS-CW model attaches to a chainsaw with an engine that is 3.5 cubic inches or smaller.  The saw must have an automatic oilier, 3/8" pitch drive sprocket and a throttle lock to lock it at 2/3 throttle.  The pull weight and pull speed vary depending on the size of engine.
Submitted by: WRS on April 6, 2019

from TN asked:
December 16, 2018
Do you offer a larger maximum load rated chainsaw capstan?
1 Answer
No, this is the only chainsaw capstan winch we offer.
Submitted by: WRS on December 17, 2018

from Helena, MT asked:
September 21, 2018
Could I order the Honda motor that works with this winch?
1 Answer
Unfortunately we are not a Honda dealer, so we cannot order just the motor for you.
Submitted by: WRS on September 21, 2018

from Russia asked:
April 24, 2018
Are there any brakes on this winch?
1 Answer
We assume you're asking about braking, as in stopping the load. With a capstan winch, it only works if you apply back tension to the rope as it feeds around the drum. If you stop applying back tension, it will no longer pull, which is how you would "brake" or stop the pulling.
Submitted by: WRS on April 24, 2018

from New York asked:
April 12, 2018
Can this lift heavy elevator equipment?
1 Answer
That is a little tough to answer, but think of it this way. The winch has a rating of 2500 lbs max pull. Since the winch doesn't know what it's lifting, you can pull or lift anything you want, but be sure to stay under the max rating at all times. Also be sure to read the user instructions, and take extra precautions when lifting objects overhead. There are many tower riggers that use capstan winches (whether this model or another) for raising tower sections and hauling gear up and down.
Submitted by: Westech Rigging Supply on April 12, 2018

from NZ asked:
April 7, 2018
Do you do a 240V AC version of this?
1 Answer
No, unfortunately we do not.
Submitted by: Westech Rigging Supply on April 9, 2018

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