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Domestic Grade 100 Alloy Chain

Domestic Grade 100 Alloy Chain
What is Grade 100 Chain Used For?
Grade 100 chain is today's standard lifting grade of chain. It is approximately 25% stronger than Grade 80 chain and is often the same price or even less. We use it every day to build chain slings, repair chain slings, or even to make high-strength tie down chains. It's available in multiple sizes and strengths to meet a wide variety of lifting needs.

How Do We Sell It?
On this page we offer the chain by the foot. Because we are a high volume chain buyer, we bring in American made chain from multiple manufacturers including Laclede, Peerless, CM and Crosby. All brands meet the same general specifications for link dimensions and strength ratings. If you want to buy in bulk (and get the best price), we also offer full drums for these various brands (see links below).

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Item #SizeWLL (lbs)Inside LengthInside WidthApprox. Weight / ft (lbs)Price PerPriceQuantity
DOM-CH932G1009/32" (1/4")4,3000.88"0.41"0.75Foot
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