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CM Herc-Alloy 800 Chain

CM Herc-Alloy 800 Chain
CM is one of the trusted names in rigging today. And when it's time to bring out the good stuff, many people count on CM products. Their Herc-Alloy 800 chain is no exception. While Grade 100 chain is arguably today's standard, there are still many that want or need Grade 80! This chain is made from a higher strength heat-treated alloy steel and is primarily used as a sling component for overhead lifting. It can be used in rigging and tie down applications where a lighter weight, higher strength chain is desirable. Herc-Alloy 800 is recommended for overhead lifting by NACM, ASME, and OSHA. Certification is included with every drum, and this chain meets or exceeds many national and international standards. Made in the U.S.A. Safety factor of 4:1.

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MPNSizeLength (ft)WLL (lbs)Inside LengthInside WidthWeight / ft (lbs)Price PerPriceQuantity
6070207/32"Per Foot2,1000.68"0.31"0.44Linear Foot
6070289/32" (1/4")Per Foot3,5000.88"0.40"0.73Linear Foot
6770119/32" (1/4")5003,5000.88"0.40"0.73Drum
6070315/16"Per Foot4,5001.02"0.46"0.91Linear Foot
6070373/8"Per Foot7,1001.25"0.57"1.44Linear Foot
6070501/2"Per Foot12,0001.44"0.73"2.55Linear Foot
6070625/8"Per Foot18,1001.78"0.86"3.82Linear Foot
6070753/4"Per Foot28,3002.23"1.07"5.95Linear Foot
6070877/8"Per Foot34,2002.25"1.14"7.76Linear Foot
6071011"Per Foot47,7003.07"1.49"9.41Linear Foot
6071281-1/4"Per Foot72,3003.92"1.74"14.2Linear Foot
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