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Pewag NI1020 3/8" Grade 120 Alloy Chain - 10600 lbs WLLImage shown may be a stock photo and is for reference only.

Pewag NI1020 3/8" Grade 120 Alloy Chain - 10600 lbs WLL

Item #:PW-41046
USUALLY SHIPS:24hrsDetails
PRICE PER:Linear FootDetails
Full Drum Length:400
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  • This product is rated for overhead lifting.
  • Made in Austria
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  • Pewag's Newest Line of Grade 120 Chain--Winner Pro 200 Series
    You may already be familiar with Pewag's Blue Grade 120 Winner Pro 300 Series of lifting chain. It has been around for many years, and it truly raised the bar in terms of toughness, heat resistance and modern lifting capability. Well, this chain inherits nearly all of those same traits, at a lower price! The only real concession is this new line of gray chain has a more common heat tolerance of 400º F, while the blue chain has a uniquely high tolerance to heat, up to 570º F. However, realizing most users do not need that kind of heat tolerance, Pewag launched this new line of chain to be more cost competitive. Take a look at the specs, and you will see the two chains are virtually identical.

    General Notes on Grade 120 Chain
    The higher Working Load Limits (WLL) of Pewag Winner Pro 200 Grade 120 chain and fittings (50% more compared to Grade 80) allow significant weight reduction. Reducing the weight of the chain sling makes the assembly easier to use for the end-user. Additionally, the profile of the chain improves its bending resistance. This is significant when loading the chain over a corner. Because of the intelligent use of material, the major characteristics of the chain (i.e. fatigue resistance and bending resistance) were improved in a remarkable way, especially when you compare the cross section to that of round steel chain. Perfect for overhead lifting or even heavy tie down applications.

    • The higher Working Load Limits (WLL) of the Pewag Winner Pro 200 Grade 120 chain (50% more compared to Grade 80 chain) allows significant weight reduction, making slings lighter and easier to handle
    • Because of the intelligent use of material, the major characteristics of the chain (i.e. fatigue resistance and bending resistance) were improved in a remarkable way--Grade 120 chain has a square profile that outperforms standard round link chain
    • Up to 16% higher bending fatigue tolerance with square Grade 120 chain compared to standard round link chain of the same size
    • Complete traceability chains and components are stamped with an identification mark so that the whole production process can be tracked
    • Easy visual identification due to square profiled chain and Grade 120 marking on every link
    • Gray painted finish
    • Quality approved European production by an ISO 9001 certified company
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  • Pewag NI1020 3/8" Grade 120 Alloy Chain - 10600 lbs WLL$9.36
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