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Pewag 1/2" Galvanized Security Chain Kits - Abus Padlocks

Pewag 1/2" Galvanized Security Chain Kits - Abus Padlocks
What Kind Of Chain Is This?
Perhaps you've heard of Pewag's now famous "3012" chain. Well, that chain is a traction chain, and while it makes for a very strong and imposing security chain, it is prone to surface rust. It has no rust-prohibitive finish on it, because whatever surface rust accumulates really makes no difference in its service life as a traction chain. But since so many people have adopted 3012 as a security chain, Pewag realized it could be even better with an anti-corrosion finish. It took a few months, but now we finally have this new version of 1/2" security chain by Pewag. Same hardness, same toughness, now with an electro-galvanized finish. You may already be familiar with Pewag's 3/8" Square Case Hardened Security Chain--we literally sell a ton of it. This chain is very similar, except it's 2 mm larger (12 mm or 0.472" to be exact). This makes it beefier and even tougher to cut. But don't worry, if you still want the original 3012 1/2" Black Security Chain, we still offer it.

This Is The Chain You've Been Hearing About
Whether on YouTube (click on the Video tab), a website forum or just word of mouth, you may have already heard about this chain. It's in high demand and available to you right here from Westech Rigging Supply.

What About The Lock?
The Abus Granit 37/70 is a true, high-security padlock that works well with larger security chains. Thieves hate these locks due to the high-quality materials used and their oversized shackle (at 0.55"). The body and shackle are made from hardened alloy steel, and the cylinder is inserted from the top, which means optimum drill and pull resistance. The Black Granit coating offers high corrosion resistance finish. Additionally, the lock cylinders can be rekeyed to match an existing key at any point down the road (referred to as "rekeyable"). Supplied with two keys, one featuring an integrated LED light for low light conditions.

Keyed Different vs. Keyed Alike
If you plan to buy just one kit, or if you want multiple kits where each lock takes a different key, then choose locks that are "Keyed Different". If you want to buy multiple kits (perhaps for use at one facility) and you want all locks to take the same key, then choose "Keyed Alike".

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