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Pewag 9/32" Security Chain Kits

Pewag 9/32" Security Chain Kits
What Kind Of Chain Is This?
This is one of Pewag's original security chain offerings, and it is still their smallest. It features square, case-hardened links, and is the same hardness as the bigger stuff. While smaller and much lighter than the bigger versions (3/8" and 1/2"), this chain still proves difficult to cut and is a great theft deterrent. It has an electro-galvanized finish for corrosion protection, and a surface hardness of 62 HRC Min. This smaller 9/32" chain was meant to be portable and more consumer-based. We picture it as ideally used for bicycle riders, especially when paired with this sleek padlock from Viro.

What About The Lock?
This is a true, high-security Viro padlock that was hand selected to work with this 7 mm chain. It has a fully armored brass body with tempered, copper, nickel, case-hardened and chrome plated steel armor. It also features independent and rotating lock-bolts, made of steel with pull-resistant programmed head breakage. Ball type locking mechanism, key retaining and with 5 pin pull-resistant plug. We know that's a lot of tech speak, but the point is that this is a true security lock. And because it's compact and "in line", your chain security package remains small, sleek, lightweight and ready for quick deployment. We picture this as the perfect security chain kit for bicycle, scooter and even motorcycle riders.

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