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EDOBK Chain Slings

EDOBK Chain SlingsEDOBK Chain Slings
As the name implies, the primary advantage of the Crosby Eliminator system over traditional adjustable length chain slings is that it has eliminated many of the required fittings. Using the Eliminator can eliminate up to 67% of the fittings for a multiple leg rigging reducing the complexity of the sling. These slings are built using the A-1362 Double Eliminator, which makes for one sleek double leg chain sling. The fact that less fittings are used in building the sling also helps to keep the cost down while still getting you the latest and most technologically advanced components available today. Self-closing safety hooks at the end of the sling legs are durable, have a large throat opening and are preferred by many of our customers. Available in multiple chain diameters and sling lengths.