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1" x 8" x 66" Helical Auger Anchor - 11000 lbs Max Capacity

1" x 8" x 66" Helical Auger Anchor - 11000 lbs Max Capacity
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Product Description

These heavy-duty earth anchors are used for securing poles, tower, trees, stages and other similar structures. We sell them into the arborist, tower rigging and stage rigging industries. They are popular because they are both strong and economical, and install easily. Simply turn/screw the anchor into the ground using a strong bar placed through the anchor's forged eye. No special tools required--may be installed by hand, or with machine power. Designed with a forged triple eye rod with an angled point and a firmly welded helix. A hot-dip galvanized finish meets ASTM Specification A153, Class C for long resistance to rust.

Holding Power & Soil Types

Class 5 Soil
Rated @ 11,000 lbs
Definition: Medium dense coarse sand and sandy gravels; stiff to very stiff silts and clays Saprolites; residual soils

Class 6 Soil
Rated @ 9,000 lbs
Definition: Loose to medium dense fine to coarse sand; firm to stiff clays and silts; dense hydraulic fill; compacted fill; residual soils

Class 7 Soil
Rated @ 6,000 lbs
Definition: Loose fine sand; Alluvium; loess; soil-firm clays; varied clays; flood plain soils; lake clays; adobe; gumbo; fill

Anchor requirements are site specific. Soil type should be determined to ensure that the correct anchors are used. Always seek professional guidance. Anchors must be installed at an angle of 45º in the direction of the load. Failure to install within 5º of alignment of the guy load will significantly lower strength. Capacity ratings apply to properly installed anchors only.

* Holding strengths are approximate and based on industry standards. Determining soil load capacity is an inexact science limited by an inexact environment, from all of the unknowns both below and above the surface of any anchoring application--the soil medium, installation method, local climate, connections to the anchored structure--no one can guarantee an exact holding strength. Load capacity is not a simple function of “soil class” but also of real-time moisture content, compaction, root penetration, installation method, pullout load angle and other factors unique to the installation’s time and place. Therefore the only way to truly determine holding strength is on-site specific probing and testing.

SAFETY FIRST: Calling 811 before every digging job gets your underground utility lines marked for free. For more information visit: www.digsafe.com


1" x 8" x 66"
Helical Augers
Galvanized Steel
WLL (lbs)
Weight (lbs)

Questions & Answers

12 Questions & 12 Answers
from Lexington, KY asked:
May 23, 2020
Can these be used to anchor a tree in a flood plain?  What kind of cables should I get?
1 Answer
Yes, you can absolutely use these to anchor a tree.  Holding power depends on soil conditions, and how well the anchors are installed.  As for cables, we can make whatever you want.  Might be best to give us a call @ 800-442-7454--we are open again on Tuesday.
Submitted by: WRS on May 23, 2020

from Maryland asked:
January 6, 2020
Can this be used as an anchor point for fall protection for drilling well to meet OSHA requirements?
1 Answer

We would not recommend these for fall protection. There are too many variables in the installation process to guarantee specific holding strengths.  Of course, if you're working with a qualified engineer, he/she mar arrive at a different conclusion, and that is fine if you have an engineered system and have done your due diligence.

Submitted by: WRS on January 9, 2020

from Chicago asked:
November 29, 2019
Can you recommend a wire to go along with this to secure a large leaning tree?

1 Answer
We really can't specify a cable from here.  We simply do not have all of the information needed, and we do not offer engineering services.  Having said that, the normal holding strength of this anchor is 11,000 lbs, which means that 3/8" Galvanized Cable should be sufficient.  If you want to step up to something more robust, that will stretch a little less, you could consider 1/2" Galvanized Cable, or even 1/2" 1x7 EHS.  One thing to keep in mind is that EHS cable is very stiff and generally requires termination using Big-Grip or Tree-Grip dead ends.  If you use regular 7x19 or 6x19 cable, you can terminate it much easier using regular cable clamps, thimbles, etc.  You will likely want to incorporate an inline turnbuckle with your setup too so that you can take up slack as needed (the cables will loosen a little over time).  Call us if we can help you any further, toll free @ 800-442-7454.
Submitted by: WRS on December 2, 2019

from Boise, ID asked:
October 14, 2019
Can you pull these out and reuse them?  Saw with a skidsteer attachment.
1 Answer
Yes, although it may be quite the chore.  If the anchor is not deformed, overloaded or heavily corroded, you should be able to reuse it.
Submitted by: WRS on October 21, 2019

from Ohio asked:
July 31, 2019
Can you bury the anchor and cable completely in the ground? I have a retaining wall that is leaning. I am in the process of removing the dirt behind it and installing drainage. Can I bury this and then concrete over it? 
1 Answer
Yes, that should work fine.  Most installations results in just the eye of the anchor protruding from the ground, and your suggested installation should yield the same end result.
Submitted by: WRS on August 1, 2019

from PIttsburgh, PA asked:
April 6, 2019
How do these deal with rocks in the ground?  If I get 4ft down and run into a rock do I have to start over?
1 Answer
Essentially, yes.  You should not expect the anchor to bust or otherwise move the rock for you.  If you're using a Bobcat or similar piece of equipment with an attachment, and you can install the anchors with greater force and speed, it will likely be less of an issue.
Submitted by: WRS on April 6, 2019

from John C. Stennis Space Center, MS asked:
March 5, 2019
What size hook and eye turnbuckle fits this anchor?
1 Answer
Unfortunately, none really fit it directly.  We did a test fit with a 1" size and it was close, but did not quite fit.  The sizes above and below did not fit either.  The mfg. recommends using a 5/8" shackle as an adapter between the anchor and your turnbuckle.  Otherwise, you will need a jaw turnbuckle with a 2" jaw opening, which will be quite large.
Submitted by: WRS on March 5, 2019

from Cleveland, OH asked:
March 3, 2019
These are 5.5ft long?  What is 8"?
1 Answer
The 8" callout refers to the size/diameter of the helix head.
Submitted by: WRS on March 4, 2019

from Canal Winchester, OH asked:
May 25, 2018
At what angle do you recommend to bury/screw-in the anchors?
1 Answer
The manufacturer specifies "...the anchors must be installed in the direction of the guy load and installation must be within 5 degrees of alignment of the guy load.”
Submitted by: WRS on May 25, 2018

from TX asked:
May 13, 2018
Can it be used to get a Jeep out of sand when stuck?
1 Answer
It's possible, but we're not sure exactly what you're asking. These are anchors points that are installed, auger-style, into the ground. Perhaps you would want to do that so you could create an anchor point for setting up a snatch block, but we're not clear exactly what the intention is here.
Submitted by: WRS on May 14, 2018

from Ocean Springs, MS asked:
March 14, 2018
I have a turnbuckle with a 5/8" throat opening. Will this fit over the eyelet?
1 Answer
No, in fact it's not even close. You would need to have a throat opening of at least 1-5/8". Usually, cable is terminated into the anchor directly, and the turnbuckle would be used at the opposite end. Or, a specialty product like the Vari-Grip from PLP could be used--but such a product is typically used only in commercial applications when it's called out by the engineer or contractor.
Submitted by: Westech Rigging Supply on March 14, 2018

from Bremerton, WA asked:
February 22, 2018
Can these be used for a mooring bouy anchor?
1 Answer
The tentative answer is yes, but of course we do not know the specific soil conditions the anchor would be used in. Also, while these have a galvanized finish, we cannot guarantee it would hold up to prolonged exposure to salt water.
Submitted by: Westech Rigging Supply on February 23, 2018

Product Reviews

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14% Recommend this product (1 of 7 responses)
By Beth
Great Lawn Anchor
June 2, 2019
This is a great lawn anchor for securing the bow line of our boat, which is tied up to the dock behind our home in Florida.

Merchant Response:Great pictures, thank you Beth!
By Chris G.
Rochester Hills
This is a HEAVY DUTY Anchor
August 1, 2018
This anchor is substantial. It is easy to install. You will need an iron bar to turn the anchor to the depth required.
ProsSolid heavy duty construction
By R H.
Excellent cable anchor
July 7, 2018
Bought these to anchor a floating dock to a river shoreline. They are very heavy duty and work very well in the clay and loamy soil that is common in this area.
ProsThis is a permanent and very high strength anchor.
ConsYou will work your buns off getting them screwed into soil that is heavy in clay, or moderately rocky.
By Roger L.
Great anchors.
July 4, 2018
The anchors I purchased worked great. I needed them to support utility poles for a zip line. They worked out wonderfully. I am not sure if they make a tool to help bore them into the ground but if they do, I would look in to buying it next time. It was quite the work out.
ProsGreat depth of the anchor.
ConsA little difficult boring into the ground manually.
By Keith P.
Great Product
June 21, 2018
Great quality and super strong. Excellent for anchoring heavy boats, cable to poles or barn in high wind areas.
ProsHeavy duty, good coat of hot dip
By Jeff H.
Lake Lahonton, Nevada
Just what I needed
April 4, 2018
These anchors will be exactly the right thing for the wind tower I am planning to install on my remote property in the 'Outback' of Northern Nevada.
ProsGreat product and good price.
ConsNone yet, and don't foresee any.
By Derrick d.
Pcb florida
Just what I needed
February 24, 2018
Great product. Held my boats well.
ProsGreat product


Safety Notice

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