Education Services

Education Services

Inspection and Safety Training

  • Working Load Limits
  • Proper Sling Selection
  • Sling Inspection
  • Lifting Angles
  • Damaged Rigging Examples

Having the right gear is step one. Using that gear correctly is a very important step two. A safe working environment is not simply recommended, it’s legally required. Proper training and implementation of your rigging and safety gear will help prevent accidents, reduce downtime and the risk of fines or legal action against you. Continuing the education of your workforce has proven to be the best way to mitigate safety hazards over the long run. And we’re here to help!

We offer training in key areas that draw upon our years of experience and expertise. A typical rigging seminar takes about one hour and covers the real fundamentals of safe rigging. Our rigging seminars focus on the following key points:

Training Class

We also offer training for fall protection, and such seminars are usually put on by a representative from either FallTech or Capital Safety. These are the two manufacturers we proudly represent, and their factory-trained experts have the know-how to answer basic, and more complicated fall protection questions. Some basic points covered in every class are:

  • How to Wear a Harness
  • How to Anchor Correctly
  • Proper use of Connectors
  • Fall Distance / Swing Falls
  • Gear Inspection
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