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You have many decisions to make when designing and making purchases for your personal fall protection system. Most pay careful attention the harness and lanyard they will use, but many fail to place equal emphasis on the anchor point. Remember that unless you are properly anchored, your slick harness and lanyard cannot protect you. Avoid attaching to the nearest “secure looking” anchor point. Instead, use a pre-designed anchor that is meant for suspending people (often one is not supplied for you, and you will need to purchase and install your own).

Most Popular Models
For rooftop anchoring, the most popular anchor we offer is the #7410 FallTech Reusable Roof Anchor. It installs easily with supplied nails--or your own fasteners--and because it's hinged, you can install it on the roof peak or flat on the field. It can also be re-used, provided it's inspected before each use and is in good, safe condition.

A bigger, beefier roof anchor that is very popular is the #00645 Guardian CB-12 Roof Anchor for Wood, Steel & Concrete. This anchor may be used as a standalone anchor point, or it can be incorporated into a system using multiple CB anchors. Designed for permanent installations, the 12" anchor post functions to extend though roofing so that it is accessible both during and after roof construction, and is compatible for use with SRLs, vertical lifelines, horizontal lifelines and shock absorbing lanyards.

Other popular anchors include the #7372 FallTech 6 ft Pass-thru Web Anchor which is suitable in many different applications. Simply pass the small ring thru the big ring to anchor around wood, steel, concrete or other similar anchor points. 3" wear pad helps to protect the primary webbing from cuts and abrasion, but still, be careful to avoid sharp edges.