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DBI Sala Mechanical Advantage Pulley Systems

DBI Sala Mechanical Advantage Pulley Systems
Simple Mechanical Advantage Pulley Systems--For Rescue & Hauling
Rollgliss RescueMate Haul Kits are specifically designed for lifting / lowering personnel rescue and access operations. They provide an all around progress capture system when a combination of lightweight, strength and mobility are required. The heavy-duty kits are supplied pre-rigged and are ready to go straight from the bag for fast and efficient deployment in a matter of seconds! Simply attach to an anchor and go. Each kit comes with all the necessary components ready for a variety of applications. Each kit is certified as a "system" as provided by the manufacturer.

All systems are a 4:1 setup, except for #8705105, which offers a 6:1 mechanical advantage.

Choose Between Manual Lock and Auto Lock Systems
Manual Lock units use a tagline to release the cam. Auto Lock units can be released without a separate tagline.

MPNDescriptionRope SizeConstructionLength (ft)WLL (kg)Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
8702098Manual Lock7/16"Kernmantle32.83007.17
8702099Manual Lock7/16"Kernmantle65.623009.48
8702100Manual Lock7/16"Kernmantle98.4330011.9
8704104Auto Lock7/16"Kernmantle32.830017.53
8704105Auto Lock7/16"Kernmantle65.6230029.1
8705105Auto Lock7/16"Kernmantle65.6230031.42
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