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Controlled Descent & Self Rescue

Working at height always has been, and always will be dangerous work. Well, now you can be safer thanks to advances in high angle rescue technology. Reaching, retrieving and ultimately rescuing a worker is easier now than ever before. Companies like Capital Safety and FallTech have engineered cutting-edge products that give you stability and mechanical advantage. Even if rescue is not your concern, you may have the need to quickly evacuate the platform / structure that you’re working on. Some of the devices shown below are perfect for that application as well.

Even if you feel such devices are overkill, consider that OSHA now requires rescue protocols to be written into your company’s rescue plan. Furthermore, the plan must be executed promptly and properly in the event of a fall. Make sure you have the right equipment on hand to not only be compliant, but to keep your workers as safe as possible. In a rescue scenario, every second counts!