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Fall Protection Kits

Fall protection gear can be expensive, and sometimes, the task of hunting down all the gear you need is even more daunting that the final price tag. For these very reasons, we offer fall protection kits that combine sought after components into one package with a discounted price.

Roofers, for example, often need to buy more than just a harness or rope. They typically come to us looking for a harness, rope, anchor, etc. These days, using fall protection when working as a commercial roofing contractor is not an option, it's the law! Hence, the roofer's kit! It puts all of these items into a convenient set of gear sealed in a 5 gallon bucket.

For tower climbers, the cost of proper fall protection can be eve more extreme. This may lead some to compromise, shopping for cheap gear rather than a good value on quality gear. Our hope is that the tower climber kits we offer give you the best of both worlds. A nice array of first-rate gear that gets you up and down the tower safely...that's not too much to ask for. Choose from basic or more deluxe kits that truly have it all. Either way you'll get good gear, it just depends on what you need and what you can afford.