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Hooks / Snaps

We call them hooks, but you can certainly call them rope snaps or clips if that's what you're used to. Either way, these devices have the features you're looking for. All gates are double-locking, and some of these hooks have ANSI-compliant gates. That means their gates have a minimum Breaking Strength of 3,600 lbs. All hooks on this page are suitable for climbing purposes, with Breaking Strengths in excess of 5,000 lbs. The FallTech #8456 Spreader Snap Hook is great for arborists with split suspension saddles and for tower climbers--basically anyone using their hip D-Rings for positioning work.

The USR Blue Aluminum Snap Hook is also very popular, as it's made from forged aluminum and is lightweight. Most connect directly to their climb line with a proper knot--you may also recognize this hook in use on factory-spliced lanyards.

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