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Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Sometimes problems that seem difficult to solve have simple solutions we simply aren’t aware of. That is often the case when we show our customers the ease and convenience of modern Horizontal Lifelines (HLL's). When used in the right scenario and properly installed, such a system can offer a smooth and safe work environment for anywhere from 2 – 4 workers.

Best-Selling Models
In terms of pure economy, the #1200101 Protecta Pro-Line 60 ft Horizontal Lifeline System is both super affordable and super easy to install. It uses a familiar ratchet strap webbing system to tension the line. It has two rings for two users, with included anchor straps and a carry bag. The kit is ready for quick deployment and stays in a budget range that most users can afford.

FallTech also has some very popular kits, especially with their 4-person kits (most HLL's are designed for two users only). Examples include their #777075 75 ft Checkline Horizontal Lifeline System or their bigger, heavy-duty #7432504 50ft 4-Person Horizontal Lifeline System w/ DualTruss Anchors. The DualTruss anchors are designed to install through the sheathing directly into two adjacent trusses using (24) 1/4" x 2" lag screws. Or, they may be mounted to the sheathing only (1/2" OSB or better) using (48) 1/4" x 2" lag screws. Once properly installed, these anchors provide a ton of strength and when used with the correct lifeline, accommodate a 4-person system.