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Rope & Cable Grabs

Grabs for Both Rope and Cable
The simple function of a rope grab is actually defined in its name. It is designed to grab rope, plain and simple. Whether you’re using a soft 3-strand rope or a steel cable, we offer rope and cable grabs for use in vertical climbing and / or fall protection systems. Several industries are served on this page, as you'll find "typical" industrial fall protection rope grabs made for use with Vertical Rope Lifelines, and even mechanical adjusters for use with Steel Core Fliplines in tree climbing.

Which One is Right for You?
If you're not sure which to get, let us help. For general fall protection usage with vertical lifelines, the FallTech 7479 Self-Tracking Grab is a popular option. It has very basic function and works perfectly with 5/8" rope lifelines. If you're working on a roof, then FallTech has another popular model, the 8353 Rope Grab & Lanyard Combo.

For tree climbers, we have many more options and there's a lot of personal preference. What we can tell you is that any of our models by Gibbs and Petzl are very well-known and quite popular. A little less know is our newest grab from US Rigging, the USR-MRG-200 model. You can use it with line from 7/16" - 5/8" and it's very lightweight.

Grabs for Use on Cable
For those doing tower climbing or technical climbing, you may want to check out our cable grabs. The Lad-Saf X2 by DBI Sala is a best-seller, or check out the new ASAP Grab from Petzl.