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Cutting Tools

Hand Operate Wire Rope Cutters
Cutting wire rope is one thing, but cutting it properly and preserving a tapered, clean cut for use with fittings is something else. To that end we offer the best tools in the business to help keep your wire easy to work with. For hand cutting, the two biggest brands by far are HIT Tools and Felco. They both offer premium cutters and compete head-to-head with one another. The general consensus is that HIT Tools are high-quality and a good value, while Felco is a bit more of a premium brand at a premium price. Some of the most popular models are the HIT-22-WC24 (cuts up to 3/8"), the HIT-22-WRC20 (cuts up to 1/2") and the Felco C16 (cuts up to 5/8"). Just remember that with hand cutters, bigger is better. The more leverage you have, the less force you have to apply and the stress on the cutting tool will be minimized as well, which means a longer service life.

Hydraulic and Impact Cutters
Bigger jobs require bigger tools, and we have you covered there as well. HIT Tools offers the best value in hydraulic cutters with either their HIT-22-HCC30N (cuts up to 1-1/8") and HIT-22-HCC48 (cuts up to 1-7/8"). For more money you can step up to the Pell Hydrashear brand, and their model MS-P-1125 is the best-seller, cutting up to 1-1/8" wire rope. And if hydraulic isn't what you're looking for, then perhaps one of the Morse-Starret Impact Cutters will suit you best. They offer three sizes: #1, #1A and #2, from smallest to largest.

Other Types of Cutters
Of course we offer several other cutters too for cutting things like bolts, chain and guy wire--and when it comes to guy wire (EHS Strand), be sure to use the proper cutter. MOST wire rope cutters are not designed to cut strand cable. Instead, get the right tool, such as the HIT-22-GC30, which is purpose built for cutting up to 3/8" guy wire. We also offer a host of replacement blades, and we can order repair parts for you as needed. Let us know how we can help!