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Cutting Tools

We carry a variety of steel cutting tools to meet your needs, most of which are geared toward the rigging industry. Whether you need to cut rebar, wire rope, steel cable, steel chain or something similar, we have a cutter for you. Choose from top brands like HIT Tools, Felco and Milwaukee (yes, we now offer an electric chop saw, the same one we use in our shops). We also have high-quality hydraulic cutters available from Morse-Starrett--just check out their Pell Hydrashear products. For general cutting, it's hard to beat HIT's Red Head Bolt Cutters. These premium bolt cutters feature durable jaws made of forged high tensile steel with special heat treating, designed for cutting hard material, spring wire guys, hardened chains, high-tensile bolts, etc. For most products shown here, we also offer replacement jaws and other parts.