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Striking Tools

Top Brands Including Council Tool & Fiskars
The axe is one of the world's oldest, and most useful hand tools. We sell to loggers, and of course, they use axes. We've done our job to go out and find some of the best on the market. We offer top brands like Council Tool, Fiskars and Phoenix. We offer a bunch of traditional single bit axes--including the premium Council Tool Velvicut "Bad Boy's Axe"--and other axes too. For pure splitting power, one of the most popular axes of the past several years is the Fiskars X27 36" Splitting Axe. It is razor sharp, smooth as silk, super fast and very durable.

Fire Fighting Tools
Here on the west coast, forest fires are a big deal and we experience several every summer. As professional contractors, loggers are responsible for preventing and even fight forest fires--the nature of their job essentially makes them first responders. They buy a lot of different gear to keep themselves prepared, such as the Phoenix Pulaski Fire Axe, which features a premium American Hickory handle. We sell a bunch of these each year, especially during fire season from March - September.

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