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Beam Clamps

These beam clamps have one main, intended purpose, and that's to act as a suspension device for hanging a hoist, whether it's a manual chain hoist or a powered unit. They come in multiple sizes and capacities to fit a wide range of beams, and because they are economical, it's easy to find and buy the right beam clamp for your needs. Choose from round eye models, or those with a straight suspension pin / bar to gain a little extra headroom.

Suspension vs. Lifting
We offer a full range of specialty Lifting Clamps that are beefy and made specifically for lifting and handling steel beams. The clamps on this page, however, were not intended for that. While they may be used, it requires extra planning and engineering of the lift to make sure the clamps are not loaded at an angle. For this reason, we encourage our customers to use these beam clamps only for suspension work. Please contact us if you need further consultation.

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