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Comealongs / Pullers

Comealongs / pullers are one of the most important and highly-used tools in a rigging toolbox. They are often called upon in a pinch and the user is relying upon them to work, and work well. It's for this reason we recommend staying away from "cheap" pullers, despite their attractive price points.

Key Brands
One of our best-selling brands is Maasdam. Their #144S-6 1 Ton Cable Puller is a great, high-quality tool that comes at a fair price. It has a 12 ft reach, which is fine for most. But if you need a longer reach, then check out their #A-0 Endless Rope Puller. It feeds rope through as you operate the lever. Since no rope is stored on the drum, you can winch virtually and unlimited distance (we offer the puller by itself, or in kits we cut and spliced sections of rope).

A good compromise between the two above models is the #3-35-A-SLT 3 Ton Rope Puller from Wyeth-Scott. Using AmSteel Blue rope, this puller is beefy and a pleasure to winch with. It gives you a much longer reach than most other pullers on the market, and despite having a heavy steel frame, the lightweight rope (as opposed to steel cable) really performs and is sure to leave you impressed.

Additional Options
As you can see from the options below, we offer many choices, including Little Mule Lineman's Hoists, which have their own page. One more product to consider is the line of Magna Wire Rope Pullers. They come in three capacities, and like the Maasdam rope puller mentioned above, they feed an unlimited amount of cable (no cable is stored on the puller itself). They have a great, beefy design, and despite their weight they are easy to transport thanks to an ergonomic carry handle. If you want a really beefy puller, then check out the #WRP300C 3 Ton Cable Puller.