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Lever Chain Hoists

AMH--Our House Brand
There are so many lever chain hoists on the market that it can be difficult to choose a brand. Like most, you probably want the most bang for your buck. Meet our favorite new lever chain hoist, the LA Series By AMH. Why do we love these hoists so much? For starters, they have a great build quality. The operation is smooth, the labeling is very clear--in fact, each hoist is dual rated for both US and Metric tons. The load chain is made from Grade 80 steel right here in the U.S.A., and each hoist is assembled and tested in the U.S.A. as well. You can order the hoists with different hooks, either shipyard or self-closing hooks. You can also order these hoists with overload protection. Note that custom hoists will incur extra charges, so please inquire prior to ordering.

Other Brands of Lever Hoists
Aside from AMH, we offer several popular brands and models of lever chain hoists. This includes Harrington, CM and Coffing. All of these brands have a dedicated following and while they are all similar, they each have unique traits that make them popular. Among these brands, the Harrington LB Series may well be considered the "Cadillac". Itís a very smooth, high-quality hoist made with only the best components. Itís also compact and works well even in tight spaces. Other popular models include the Coffing LSB, CM 653 and CM Bandit Lever Chain Hoists. The CM Bandit lineup is HMI-Certified and made mostly in the U.S.A.