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Customer Registration

If you plan to order more than once from our site then we highly recommend you sign up for an account with us. Look for the "Sign In" or "Register" links on the top left of each page, or just follow the prompts during the checkout process. We understand not all customers will want to create an account, so registration is completely optional. Keep in mind, however, that registering for our site is easy and takes just a couple of minutes.

Benefits of customer registration include:
  • Essential customer information (name, display name, email address, phone number)
  • Shipping address information
  • Billing address information
  • Order history (beginning with the first order after registering a store account)
  • Shipping status of orders


Q: I have a question about an online item or an order that I've placed. What should I do?
A: Please respond to the order acknowledgement email you received after placing your order, or navigate to our Contact Us page.

Q: What are "Safety Items?"
A: Items referred to as "Safety Items" include but are not limited to: fall protection items (i.e., carabiners, harnesses, lanyards, etc.), lifting / hoisting items (synthetic slings, shackles, hooks, etc.), load rated items (come-a-longs, pulleys, turnbuckles) and personal protective equipment (hardhats, safety glasses).

Q: What are "Fabricated Items?"
A: Items referred to as "Fabricated Items" include but are not limited to: wire rope slings, specially made synthetic slings, spliced rope slings and chain slings and other improved goods not assembled prior to order placement.

Q: Why don't we allow returns?
A: Our customers often bet their life, the lives of others and the safety of their equipment on the proper functioning of the items we sell. Once an item leaves our store we cannot in good faith sell it as new, nor can we guarantee its proper functioning. We never want our customers to second guess the quality or reliability of items we sell. Ask yourself, "Would I willingly buy, for example, a returned / used safety harness or lanyard?". In addition, many products are ordered with exact specifications (a certain length of cable, rope with a certain protective coating or in a certain color, a non-stock harness in an atypical size, etc.). Such products, if not sold to the ordering party, can be difficult if not impossible for us to resell after a cancellation. For more information, please view our entire Return Policy.

Q: Are your prices guaranteed for any certain length of time?
A: We sell and distribute many products made of steel, and steel prices are incredibly volatile. Recently steel prices have gone up an extraordinary amount, but in times past, they have actually gone down. The short answer is that the pricing on our website will change without notice, so the price you see is the price you pay. We do reserve the right to change our pricing even after an order (due to a price increase from the manufacturer or due to a data entry error). In such a case (although very, very rare), you will not be charged until you have agreed to the new price and you reserve the right to cancel your order.

Q: Do you offer in-store pickup?
A: Yes, if you live near one of our locations please feel free to pick up your order at the store. Just remember that it is important to verify at which location your item is located. Many products are inventoried at both stores, but there are times when a product may only be available at one particular store.

Q: Is Westech Rigging Supply a federally registered vendor for the federal government?
A: Yes, please visit our Store Locations page for each store's CAGE code and DUNS number.

Q: Can I apply for a credit account with Westech Rigging Supply?
A: Yes! Simply download and fill out our Credit Application form and return it to us using the fax number provided on the form. Be sure to provide any needed credit references or additional information. We will review your credit history and notify you of the outcome, usually within 48hrs or less.