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Laclede Security Chain Padlock

Laclede Security Chain PadlockLaclede Security Chain PadlockLaclede Security Chain PadlockLaclede Security Chain Padlock
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Product Description

What It Is
A true, high-security padlock made to work with square security chain. Its beefy design will certainly be a deterrent to any potential thief. It works with all of the security chains we offer in 3/8", 7/16" and 1/2" sizes.

Why You Need It
Because a good security chain is only as good as the lock you secure it with. This lock's pin is completely shrouded and even protected by the security chain. Thieves look for the quick and easy target, but with this lock, there are no shortcuts! No bolt cutter access!

How Beefy Is It?
Well, it weighs almost 2.5 lbs. You may not want to put it in your pocket, but you'll be happy to secure your precious equipment with it. The lock body is electro-galvanized too, so this lock will hold up to the elements. It ships with (3) single-sided keys. We know you will be impressed!

  • 3 mm thick, chrome plated, heat treated case (50 HRC)
  • Brass lock body
  • Brass keys with nickel plating
  • Heat treated, brass lock cylinder
  • Five brass tumblers
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Drill protection plate

View the compatibility chart below to see which of our security chains work with this padlock.

Pewag Galvanized 9/32"


Pewag Galvanized 3/8"


Pewag Galvanized 1/2"


Laclede Lockdown 9/32"


Laclede Lockdown 3/8"


Laclede Lockdown 1/2"


Peerless Blue Hex 7/16"


Abus 10KS 3/8"

All Sizes

Abus 12KS 1/2"

All Sizes
View Chain & Padlock Selection Guide
* If ordering only one padlock, choose "Keyed Different". If ordering multiple padlocks, and you want them all to take the same key, choose "Keyed Alike".


Chain Diameter
3/8" - 1/2"
Pin Diameter
Weight (lbs)

Questions & Answers

11 Questions & 11 Answers
from Atlanta, GA asked:
March 25, 2021
Will this lock work with the Abus 6ft long 12mm (1/2") security chain?
1 Answer
Yes, but the way Abus designed their chain is so that one end link can slip through the other, and then only one link nests into their Granit 37/60 Padlock, as pictured here.  You may want to consider that before going with the Laclede lock.
Submitted by: WRS on March 27, 2021

from Kansas, OK asked:
March 12, 2021
Will this lock work with a 1/2 log chain?
1 Answer
It "should" fit, but without being able to do a test fit on the exact chain you have, we can't be certain.
Submitted by: WRS on March 14, 2021

from Punta Gorda, FL asked:
June 9, 2020
I'm guessing that I could use this lock with the Laclede 3/8" Lockdown chain to make a loop with an end link and a link in the middle of the chain.  Is that correct?  Also can I get two locks at the bundle price keyed alike?  I'm trying to chain my generator to my truck for use after a hurricane.
1 Answer
The Laclede 3/8" chain is just a little too short for this application, the links do not sink far enough into the lock pockets.  This functionality will work with this lock and the Pewag 1/2" chain, however.  The kits are priced with a discount, but the locks when purchased separately are not.
Submitted by: WRS on June 10, 2020

from Idaho asked:
January 28, 2020
What are the spec measurements for the chain sleeves?  How much of a gap will a 3/8" chain link leave if used with this lock (gap that bolt cutters could access)?
1 Answer
3/8" security chain fits best with our 2-1/2" sleeve, which can be found here (there are specs on this page as well).  As for the lock, when used with 3/8" or 1/2" security chain, there really is not a gap that would allow access to bolt cutters.  That is due to the design of this padlock with the recessed chain pockets.  The bolt/pin is actually very well protected.
Submitted by: WRS on January 28, 2020

from San Francisca, CA asked:
January 14, 2020
How hard is copying/replacing keys?  Is it a special order?
1 Answer
We do not offer key copying or duplication services, so you would need to check with a local locksmith.
Submitted by: WRS on January 16, 2020

from St Louis, MO asked:
August 24, 2019
Does it have a drill protection plate?
1 Answer
Yes, there is a drill protection plate.
Submitted by: WRS on August 26, 2019

from Chicago, IL asked:
August 9, 2019

Will it attach to TWO INNER links (neither being end links) of Laclede 3/8" security chain?

1 Answer
Unfortunately no, the links are just a little too short.  It will do this with the Pewag 1/2" Security Chain however.
Submitted by: WRS on August 15, 2019

from Clearwater, FL asked:
June 5, 2019

What is the model number for the already keyed one?  I want one ready to use.

1 Answer
All of these locks come keyed and ready to use.  The only real difference is that if you want multiple locks, you can choose to order them "Keyed Different" (meaning each lock uses a unique key) or "Keyed Alike" (meaning all locks take the same key).  Some of our business/commercial customers plan to use multiple locks, and they want all locks to take the same key so they can hand out keys to their crew and not worry about who has which key.
Submitted by: WRS on June 6, 2019

from Tampa, FL asked:
March 13, 2019
Will it attach to TWO INNER links (neither being end links) of Pewag 1/2" galvanized security chain?
1 Answer
Yes, but it is rather tight, and you have to position the links just right.  See attached photo.
Submitted by: WRS on March 15, 2019

from Brisbane, Queensland asked:
February 28, 2019

Will the Laclede 9/32" (7mm) Square "Lockdown" Security Chain work with this lock?  I can see that the gap in the Laclede 9/32" (7mm) chain is big enough, but I am wondering if there is some other issue I am unaware of.

1 Answer
Unfortunately it does not fit.  The chain pockets on the padlock are too deep for the chain to seat properly.  It is close, but it does not quite fit.
Submitted by: WRS on March 1, 2019

from Eugene, OR asked:
December 23, 2017
How does this lock compare to more expensive locks like the Viro locks?
1 Answer
We get this question a lot. This lock, in our opinion, is very good for the price. It's actually the lock we use at our own facilities, in the keyed alike version. Lock experts tend to agree the Viro locks are more pick-proof, and we would not argue that. But the primary concern, for us and most of our customers, is a lock and chain combination that cannot be cut with bolt cutters and acts as a good theft deterrent. We believe the Laclede locks satisfy this.
Submitted by: Westech Rigging Supply on December 23, 2017

Product Reviews

9 Reviews
89% (8)
11% (1)
0% (0)
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67% Recommend this product (6 of 9 responses)
By Neil
Knight in Shining Armour
February 25, 2021
I just purchased two of these locks for the rolling gate to my driveway. One lock for now and the second to replace the first when it wears out or rusts. These locks are massive and are very intimidating especially since they weigh 2.4 lbs each. The price of these locks are worth their weight in gold because they should be a crime deterrent. My 'castle' is an hour from the beach, but still slightly concerned about the possibility of corrosion over time so I asked customer service about what they recommended. I was told WD40, but actually found something that might work even better and that's Lock Dry Lube spray which is actually made by the WD40 company.
  • Heavy
  • Intimidating
  • Reasonably priced
  • None
By Zack
St. Louis
Way Better Than I Expected
September 5, 2019
The pictures and specs are a bit misleading. In reality this padlock is way better. It has two solid side armor plates and anti-drill protection. I do not believe you can find a better padlock in this price range.
  • Massive
  • Drill resistant
  • Side armor plates just as thick as the rest of the steel armor
  • Heavy
By David
Prevented Theft of Motorbike
August 22, 2019
Worked so well that I bought another. Lock was damaged in a break in but thieves couldn't break it.

Merchant Response:Awesome! So glad it protected your bike!
  • Strong
  • None
By Ken
Very Good
May 30, 2019
Had it for 20 days out in the weather still looks and works as new. It is so robust I think someone would have to have something like a torch to get it off, or make a lot of noise with some good sized machinery.
By Paul
Security Chain Padlock
May 25, 2019
Perfect for securing my boat to the lift.
By Galen
Kingsport, TN
Great Lock
May 10, 2019
This appears to be a very good lock.
  • Secure
By Charles
Sarasota, FL
One Big Heavy Tough Lock
May 21, 2018
This Laclede padlock has to be one of the biggest on the market. It weighs in at 2.5 pounds. This is without question an excellent deterrent to protect your valuable property. No question a great product.
  • Big-Beefy
By Michael
Surprisingly Good
December 24, 2017
Wasn't sure what to expect with this lock for the price, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Much better than I thought it might be.
  • Beefy, works well, nice looking
By Bob
Vilas, NC
Chain Padlock
December 12, 2017
Great lock!


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