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Laclede 3/8" (10mm) Square "Lockdown" Security Chain

Laclede 3/8" (10mm) Square "Lockdown" Security ChainLaclede 3/8" (10mm) Square "Lockdown" Security ChainLaclede 3/8" (10mm) Square "Lockdown" Security ChainLaclede 3/8" (10mm) Square "Lockdown" Security Chain
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Product Description

This is Laclede's take on a security chain, which they call "Lockdown Chain". It sells extremely well, and since Laclede changed their heat treating process to make this chain even harder--62-65 HRC--we are confident it's going to sell better than ever! People simply trust the Laclede brand. They are a domestic manufacturer of many types of chain, including high-quality overhead lifting chain, tie down chains and tire traction chains. You can literally find their chains in use all over this great country--construction sites, passenger cars, marine applications, you name it, Laclede is there. They are adaptive too, willing to make changes with their engineering to keep up with modern demands. For example, their Lockdown Chain used to be thru-hardened but with a lower HRC rating. Laclede's design team determined their chain would be even tougher to cut being case-hardened yet with a much higher HRC rating. They brought this change to market quickly, and now have a security chain that stacks up against ANY competitor.

What Size is This Chain?
Many customers believe this chain is the "perfect" size. At 3/8" (10mm) in diameter, it feels and looks beefy without being too big and cumbersome. This chain is made from quenched and tempered alloy steel with an electro-galvanized finish. It is worth noting that Laclede is the primary chain manufacturer we use for building Grade 100 chain slings because we trust their quality so much. This chain is available by the foot with quantity discounts available, or in kits paired with Laclede's super tough padlock.

  • Square, case-hardened links
  • Made from quenched and tempered alloy steel
  • Electro-galvanized finish for corrosion protection
  • Designed for securing valuables such as construction equipment, trailers, ATVs and water crafts
  • Chain Hardness: 62-65 HRC
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Questions & Answers

11 Questions & 11 Answers
from Boston asked:
September 17, 2020
Is the Laclede 10mm Lockdown chain as hard to cut through as the Pewag chain? It is hard to find reviews of the Laclede security chain online.
1 Answer
The Laclede chain is newer, and not as popular yet, so there simply is not as much user feedback.  Overall, yes, we expect the two brands to be equally difficult to cut as they are the same basic size and HRC.
Submitted by: WRS on September 21, 2020

from Pennsylvania asked:
September 8, 2020
Can I fit an Abus 540 U-Lock through the end links of this Laclede 10mm chain?
1 Answer

Unfortunately that is not a lock we have on hand to do a test fit.  The Abus website says the shackle is 33/64" which is about 0.516", and the Laclede 3/8" chain has an inside width of about 0.62".  Based on these specs we think it should work but again, we cannot do a test fit.

Submitted by: WRS on September 10, 2020

from Los Angeles, CA asked:
January 20, 2020
What size hole will this chain with sleeve fit through?  My trailer rim holes are 1.5" in diameter and I would like to use this chain with sleeve.
1 Answer
1.50" will be VERY tight, and it may or may not fit.  The chain itself is about 1.47" wide, and that dimension is subject to minor variation.  Once you add the sleeve, it's possible the chain will be too large.
Submitted by: WRS on January 23, 2020

from Utah asked:
October 27, 2019
Could a lock (any lock) fit with a last link and a link that is not the last link (ie, fit with the width of two other links also)?
1 Answer
Yes, we have seen this question quite a bit.  The lock that makes this the easiest is the Abus Granit 37/70, due to its open shackle design.  But we have also seen customers do this using Pewag 1/2" Security Chain paired with either the Laclede Padlock, or the Viro 4153.
Submitted by: WRS on October 28, 2019

from Greenville, SC asked:
July 1, 2019

Will this chain fit through a 1.5 inch hole in a trailer wheel?

1 Answer
It should, yes.  If you look at the specs on the item page, it calls out 1.47" as the overall width.  But a steel product like this is allowed some variance from spec, so it's possible you would need to file the chain ever so slightly if it's larger than 1.47" or if the hole in your wheel is slightly under 1.50".
Submitted by: WRS on July 2, 2019

from Clearwater, FL asked:
May 20, 2019
Can a slip noose link be added to this chain end?
1 Answer
No, the only "noose" or "loop" chains we offer are from Abus, and they can be see at this link.  There are three different lengths to choose from.
Submitted by: WRS on May 20, 2019

from San Antonio, TX asked:
May 13, 2019
How do I choose the length for this chain?
1 Answer
Simply enter the total length you want as a number in the quantity box.  If you want 4ft then simply enter 4 as a quantity.  If you want the chain cut in half (two pieces @ 2ft) then enter a note stating as such in the Comments box during checkout.
Submitted by: WRS on May 14, 2019

from Idaho asked:
April 21, 2019
Will a 14mm shackle fit in this chain?
1 Answer
Yes, we put calipers on the inside of the link and it is about 14.75mm depending on exactly where you measure.
Submitted by: WRS on April 22, 2019

from Boston asked:
April 11, 2019
Abus 37/80.  Would this chain fit?
1 Answer
Yes, this chain will fit the Abus 37/80 padlock.
Submitted by: WRS on April 12, 2019

from Denmark asked:
July 27, 2018
What is the Breaking Strength of this chain in lbs?
1 Answer
Because this chain was not designed and tested like rigging chain--such as Grade 70 or Grade 100--the manufacturer does not have this information readily available. The emphasis in design and testing was on the HRC rating. Still, we have asked for a number and if one is provided to us we will post it live on the site.
Submitted by: WRS on August 4, 2018

from Mesa, AZ asked:
March 27, 2018
Can this be cut with bolt cutters?
1 Answer
We will give that a qualified "no". Assuming you're talking about "most" bolt cutters being used by one or two people in a standard environment, without a special setup (such as a chain comealong, etc.), then the answer is no. If rigged under the right conditions and using certain tools and mechanical advantage, it's possible. If you want to be sure your chain cannot be cut with bolt cutters, we recommend either the Pewag 12mm Security Chain or the Laclede 13mm Security Chain. Both are extremely hard, and the extra size makes them too much for bolt cutters to handle. We know, we've done our own testing!
Submitted by: Westech Rigging Supply on March 30, 2018

Product Reviews

15 Reviews
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73% Recommend this product (11 of 15 responses)
By Dan
Quality product and service!
January 29, 2021
Great company. Thanks for answering my questions and quick shipping!
By E
West Coast
Perfect Fit on ABUS 20/80 Diskus
December 24, 2020
This is a very sturdy, heavy chain that is difficult to cut. To my surprise, the two end links fit exactly on the shackle of an ABUS 20/80 Diskus padlock, leaving almost none of the shackle exposed. Though I had intended to use this chain with a bigger padlock, I may keep the Diskus setup instead. (A bigger chain I also purchased will not fit on this lock, so I am glad I bought two types of chain).
  • Perfect fit on ABUS 20/80 Diskus
  • Hard to cut
  • None
By Paul
Love This Chain
November 5, 2020
I'm using this chain in combination with a Viro Panzer #4126 padlock to secure my trailer. I run the chain around my axle and then through my wheel. I think it really increases the security of my trailer.
  • Less expensive than equivalent Pewag chain
  • None that I know of.
By Jason
Topeka, KS
Great Chain to Keep all my Bikes Secure
August 31, 2020
I bought 40 feet of this chain to keep all my cargo bikes and e-bikes secure. Works great as a central "loop" to lock all the bikes to with a shorter chain length or u-lock. Very high quality chain and excellent service from Westech!
By Rog
Security Chain with Cover
September 30, 2019
Custom length chain and cover for 4 bike security on hitch mounted bike rack. Works great in combination with Abus lock, a bit heavy overall but great deterrent against theft.
  • Good overall security against theft.
  • None
By Stormpeakco
High Colorado Rockies
Laclede-So far so good...with added peace of mind.
September 6, 2019
Purchased some 3/8" Laclede security chain (to accompany our two 13mm Pragmasis chains plus Squire and Cisa padlocks) for added integrity to the security of our mtbs-rack-spare tire carrier on the back of our RV. I read how Laclede (based just outside of St. Louis, MO) has altered their hardening process to their security chains resulting in a Rockwell hardness score of 62-65 (which I believe remains the highest in the industry for security chain and above the hardness for the top line of bolt croppers).

Less expensive, perhaps elevated Rockwell hardness score (above Pewag) and made in the states-shouldn't take a rocket scientist to purchase this Laclede over the incredibly well regarded, gold standard-Austrian made Pewag. (Added some Pewag chafe since their name is well regarded both by friend and foe...Laclede may need to toot their own horn more with some additional marketing and bright colored chafe with the name "Laclede" emblazoned throughout like the well regarded Pewag, Almax, Pragmasis...and the lower tier wannabes).

Staff @ Westech were terrific, communicative and shipped my order quickly. Thanks.
By Ken
Very Good
May 30, 2019
I ordered enough for two applications and it took me at least 10 mins to cut both sides of a link to separate the chain into the pieces I wanted. This was with an air powered grinder and a thin metal cutting blade in a large vise. It does not bend that is for sure. I first cut one side and tried to bend it open with a 15" adjustable wrench and vise, couldn't budge it. Great for security chain, have not had it long enough for any other comments.
  • Great for security chain, have not had it long enough for any other feedback
By John
Laclede Chain
March 24, 2019
Very heavy chain using for trailer security, Ben the salesman was very helpful and it was shipped right away. Thank You.
  • Great product
  • None
By Dave
Great Product and Delivery
March 24, 2019
The Square "Lockdown" Security Chain is a high-quality product that will protect your valuables. The product was promptly shipped and received two days later with standard delivery.
By Craig M.
Tarpon Springs, FL
Great Security Chain
March 5, 2019
Very happy with my purchase of 3/8" Laclede Security Chain, extremely tough, this should
deter thieves, they'll move on to easier targets.

Great Service Thank You Westech!
By John
San Antonio, TX
November 30, 2018
Very pleased with the product I purchased.
  • Better than what I expected.
By Raja
San Francisco
Inspires Confidence
September 14, 2018
I purchased this chain to secure my tools and equipment at our commercial space after a bad burglary. Although I haven't attempted to cut this chain with a grinder or torch, I suspect it will pose enough of a deterrent that a criminal will likely look to easier pickings. A completely different class than the galvanized chain you find at the hardware store.
  • Intimidating
  • Maybe too heavy for some people to handle long lengths on a daily basis.
By Drag
Excellent Quality
August 12, 2018
Excellent quality for the Price. As good or better than Pewag.
  • Strength, hardness
  • Weight but can't have both
By LongRange
Super Tough to Cut
August 10, 2018
If you are looking for a chain that thieves will hate, this is a good one. Its hardness all but eliminates bolt cutters as a cutting tool.
  • Tough to cut for the owner too!
By Tom
Maple Valley, WA
Good security
July 31, 2018
I needed a short length of chain, 3 feet, to secure a portable safe. I wanted it to be safe from bolt cutter attacks. I don't think any chain is impervious to attack from a cut off wheel attack, but I was not worried about that attack in this location.

I feel very good about this chain. It is attached to the safe, and the wall with very thick heavy duty hasps and a good secure padlock. Nobody is going to walk off with this safe, and it's contents by cutting this chain.

I asked them to send me the link of chain that they had to cut to supply the short length that I needed. I don't have a lot of facility to test it, but this chain is hard. I couldn't hardly mark it. Let alone cut it.

This chain looks good too. Part of the time it is viewable, and I don't mind it being out in the open at all. I'm glad that I got it. The small extra expense of this chain is well worth the piece of mind.
  • Bolt cutters won't cut it
  • Costs more than regular hardware store chain, but well worth it


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