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Renfroe L Series Lifting Clamps

Renfroe L Series Lifting Clamps
Model LA
The Model LA is an ergonomic vertical lifting clamp capable of turning a single plate or member from horizontal to vertical, back to horizontal through a 180º arc. It incorporates a push button auxiliary lock. The “Lock Open – Lock Closed” feature facilitates attaching and removing the clamp from the plate.

Model LPA
In addition to the benefits of the Model LA, the Model LPA incorporates a pivoting shackle that permits side loading of the lifting shackle at 100% of rated capacity from vertical to 30º, 75% of rated capacity between 30º and 45º, and 50% of rated capacity between 45º and 90º.

Model LHC
The LHC Model is a horizontal lifting clamp intended to be used in pairs, sets of pairs or in a tripod arrangement for transporting steel plates horizontally. The clamp is designed to lift individual sheets horizontally. Cam operations ensure a tight grip on the load. Serrated gripping cam bites into load for positive grip. Clamps rest in position on edge of plate until tension is applied to the load sling. Clamps must be used in single pairs (2), double pairs (4), or tripod (3) configuration with a lifting sling.

TypeMPNWLL (tons)WLL (lbs)Jaw OpeningWeight (lbs)PriceQuantity
Renfroe LA 1/2 Ton Lifting ClampVertical ClampsLA-00.50-A1/21,1000.00" - 0.63"4.13
Renfroe LA 1 Ton Lifting ClampVertical ClampsLA-01.00-A12,2000.00" - 0.75"5.13
Renfroe LA 2 Ton Lifting ClampVertical ClampsLA-02.00-A24,4000.00" - 1.00"16.88
Renfroe LA 3 Ton Lifting ClampVertical ClampsLA-03.00-A36,6000.00" - 1.00"32
Renfroe LPA 1/2 Ton Lifting ClampVertical ClampsLPA-00.50-A1/21,1000.00" - 0.63"4.13
Renfroe LPA 1 Ton Lifting ClampVertical ClampsLPA-01.00-A12,2000.00" - 0.75"5.13
Renfroe LPA 2 Ton Lifting ClampVertical ClampsLPA-02.00-A24,4000.00" - 1.00"16.88
Renfroe LPA 3 Ton Lifting ClampVertical ClampsLPA-03.00-A36,6000.00" - 1.00"32
Renfroe LHC 1/4 Ton Horizontal Lifting ClampHorizontal ClampsLHC-00.25-A1/45500.00" - 1.00"3
Renfroe LHC 1/2 Ton Horizontal Lifting ClampHorizontal ClampsLHC-00.50-A1/21,1000.00" - 2.00"14
Renfroe LHC 3/4 Ton Horizontal Lifting ClampHorizontal ClampsLHC-00.75-A3/41,6500.00" - 2.00"19
Renfroe LHC 1-1/2 Ton Horizontal Lifting ClampHorizontal ClampsLHC-01.50-A1-1/23,3000.00" - 2.00"26
Renfroe LHC 3 Ton Horizontal Lifting ClampHorizontal ClampsLHC-03.00-A36,6000.00" - 2.00"24
Renfroe LHC 4 Ton Horizontal Lifting ClampHorizontal ClampsLHC-04.00-A48,8000.00" - 3.00"48
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