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SpeeCo Hitch Pins / PTO

SpeeCo is a global leader in linkage parts and farm accessories. The pins shown below play a very important and universal role in farming, ranching, landscaping and general construction.

Red Head Hitch Pins
Tougher than your average hitch pins, these are made from Grade 5 steel. They are both forged and heat-treated. The pin has a black powder coating with a red vinyl coated handle that is comfortable to grip. All pins ship with a hair pin (aka "R" pin). We also offer hitch pins with a swivel head and a yellow zinc dichromate finish.

PTO Lock Pins
PTO locking pins have any number of uses. They are popular with farmers, ranchers, landscapers and general contractors. They feature a yellow dichromate finish that helps prevent corrosion. Available in multiple sizes with both round and square bails. Alternatively, we also offer ball detent pins which do not have a locking bale.