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Load Binders

Lever vs. Ratchet
Those that haul often tend to have their preferences when it comes to which type of binder is best. For years, lever binders were the standard, as they are cost-effective and offer simple operation. Today, however, many of our customers lean toward ratchet binders. The primary reasons are safety and leverage achieved without the use of a binder bar.

Popular Lever Binders
The most popular lever binder out the is still the Lebus 7-1, offered by Crosby. It simply has a great track record and is made in the U.S.A. Other options include the Durabilt DF-7100 or the CM E-Z Pro. The first is well-priced and rated at 7,100 lbs for use with 3/8" Grade 80 chain. The latter is a safety binder, meaning the handle has a reduced recoil when it is released.

Popular Ratchet Binders
Today, better doesn't have to mean bigger when it comes to ratchet binders. For example, the Durabilt DTT-1 Truck-Tight Binder has an impressive 8,800 lbs rating for use with 3/8" Grade 100 chain--but the binder only weighs a little over 12 lbs. For heavier loads, check out the Durabilt DR-X15 Titan Binder, rated at 15,000 lbs for use with 1/2" Grade 100 Chain. Lastly, check out the Peerless QuikBinder, rated at 7,100 lbs for use with 3/8" Grade 80 chain. It has a handle that folds down and out of the way, and can be easily secured back to the chain itself using a padlock.